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Best Small Office Security Tips

Though small businesses are managed by only a small number of employees in each, they form a very important cog in the machine that runs the US economy. Any business, no matter how small it is, needs to be protected. Therefore, all small businesses need a solid small business security system. Some small businesses are run at home, so they too need a sound home business security system. Our favorite site offers great selections.

Small Business Security
Security Cameras
Sensors and Detectors
Employee Security Systems

Recent Articles

Video surveillance systems
Video surveillance security systems involve the use of closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) that are linked - either by cables or by using wireless technology - to cameras.

Wireless Camera Systems
As the name suggests, wireless surveillance security camera, is a camera that does not have any wires plugged into it.

Counterfeit Bill Detectors
Counterfeit money detectors are machines that detect if a currency note - or in some cases, a coin (counterfeit coin detectors) - is genuine or counterfeit.

Finger Print Scanners
A fingerprint scanner is a security device that is used as an identification tool in large corporates as well as in small businesses.

Recommended Products

Motion Alarm Light
Get a high sense of security with this movement detecting device. It switches the light on automatically in the absence of primary source of light. It improves your security by emitting alarm sounds incase of any movement within 20 foot range distance from the device. There are also on/off options that help you to turn the detector off, make it chime or set off an alarm sound.
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Telephone Recorder
Keep a close watch on your office telephone conversations. This telephone recorder comes handy to make your monitoring tasks easy. It provides high quality recordings for five hours. It includes features like speed control, voice activated recording, auto level control among many such features. It requires only normal cassette player. Easy to plug and operate.
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